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How to improve your injection workshop?

How to improve injection workshop?

RedsAnt porvide the effective improvement plan for injection workshop. RedsAnt barrel insulation covers can help, the insulation covers can offer superb savings of up to 45% on barrel heating, maintain a comfortable environment temperature for injection workshop. 

Case 3:

On-site installation in the injection molding workshop

injection workshop       injection workshop       barrel insulation cover installation

The improved injection molding workshop

Improved injection workshop                Improved injection workshop

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RedsAnt barrel insulation covers provide a low-cost solution for reducing energy costs, 

and lower the ambient temperature in your injection workshop. 

Impove Injection wrokshop

-RdesAnt is your best choice

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Improvement Case of Injection Workshop


Workshop Improvement Case

Energy saving for plastic extruder machine

Energy saving method for plastic injection moulding machine


Power consumption comparison of injection molding machines

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