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Energy Saving Extruder Machine Barrel Aerogel Insulation Balnekt

High temperature resistance: 700 degrees
Energy saving: Save energy up to 45%
Color: Grey, Green
Thickness: 10-40mm
Advantage: Tailor made for your machine size
Feature: High temperature environmental friendly
Effective insulation lifetime: 5-8 years
  • RedsAnt

RedsAnt is a professional plastics machine energy saving solution provider, which has more than ten years experience in China and oversea market. 

RedsAnt offers high-quality aerogel insulation balnekt solutions for Extruder Machine barrel for energy saving.

Extruder aerogel insulation balnekt:

1. The insulation blankets will save the electric energy 25% - 45% at the electric heating coil.

2. Improve the high precision injection quality by isolating the affects from environment temperature change and the wind influence. It has the function of temperature stabilization.

3. Sew by imported high temperature environmental friendly material, not the asbestos insulation materials.

4. Easy to disassembly and maintenance, reusable and long service life.

5. Has passed the European Reach and RoHs environmental certification, products don't contain any toxic chemical composition of green environmental protection product.

6. Reduce the temperature of injection workshops. Improve the employees' working environment.

7. Six to eight months ROI (return-on-investment) with higher returns.

Installation case: Extruder aerogel insulation blankets + Dust Cover.


Surface temperature test before and after installing RedsAnt insulation blankets.

It has the function of saving electricity and preventing dust.

Excellent energy saving effect, saving 5 degrees per hour.


More details of aerogel insulation blanket:

A. Lower surface temperature; Less heat release; More safe.

B. Sectional installation, Easy disassembly and reusable.

C. High temperature resistant metal buckle connection


Please refer to the energy saving report on our website, to learn more about the energy saving of  extruder machines.

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