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RedsAnt Fire And Heat Resistant Thermal Blanket for Injection Machine ENGEL 350T

RedsAnt Heat Resistant Thermal Blanket for Injection molding Machine can offer superb savings of up to 45% on barrel heating
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RedsAnt Heat Resistant Thermal Blanket : 

Tailor made/ perfect designed/ excellent energy saving/ excellent durability

How to save energy for Injection molding Machine

RedsAnt heat resistant thermal blanket can start saving you money immediately, it can offer superb savings of up to 45% on barrel heating. 

RedsAnt heat resistant thermal blanket made by Aerogel. Aerogel is the lightest solid material in the world, and Aerogel is the newest insulation material that has lowest thermal conductivity.

Aerogel features:

-Non-toxic and harmless

-Not burning


-Insoluble in water (By isolating the water, sustainable play thermal properties)

-Low thermal conductivity, with super insulating characteristics

RedsAnt heat resistant thermal blanket:

A. Achieve amazing energy savings

.  Saving injection molding machine heater power about 40% 

.  Saving injection molding machine overall power 10%

.  Injection workshop temperature is greatly reduced, saving air conditioning fee

B. Improve productivity

.  Operating environment: reduce the burn, scald and other dangerous 

.  Injection workshop: maintain a comfortable environment temperature 

.  Shorten the injection operation of standby time

.  The heater bands temperature can keep uniform temperature, reduced defective rate

Installation case of injection molding machine:

Model: ENGEL 350T


Power consumption: 7.6kwh (before installing RedsAnt thermal insulation wrap)

Power consumption: 3.5kwh (after installing thermal heater insulation wrap)

Energy saving per hour: 4.1kwh

Energy saving ratio: 46.1%

Annual power saving:25200kwh (24 hours a day, 300 days a year)

More installation case:



More details:

A. Lower surface temperature; Less heat release; More safe.

B. Sectional installation, Easy disassembly and reusable.

C. High temperature resistant metal buckle connection

Our aerogel products had passed the Reach and RoHs environmental test.

Material description of heat resistant thermal blanket:

material description

Please refer to the energy saving report on our website, to learn more about the energy saving of injection molding machines.

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