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Customer Service

Customer Service Support:

  1. Provide on-site comparison of the energy consumption before and after insulation installed by professional measurement instrument.

  2. Comprehensive customer service support, including on-line problem solving by professional technicians.



  1. Insulation surface material is using waterproof, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance material. The surface can be cleaned by using a small amount of thinner.

2. Avoid any foot print.  Prohibition of the scratch by sharp steel.

3. Please handle the leaked melt resin timely to avoid the damage to insulations. Please customize the size of insulation by reducing half or one heating coil size to avoid the leakage affect of melt resin.

4. After disassembly for maintenance, please follow the original assembly sequence for installation.

5. Our insulations covers' effective life cycle is about 5-8 years. Artificial destruction, the melt resin leakage or other force majeure will shorten the insulations life cycle.

        * After 5-8 years, our insulation covers can work as normal but the energy saving effectiveness will slightly drop.

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